Renewable energy

Caldive provide a wide range of highly specialist diving and offshore marine support services to international companies throughout the Renewable Energy Sector. With our specialist workforce, including experienced dive teams, marine crew, welders and engineers – we’ve become industry leaders in the offshore and subsea sector. With our focus on safety, our robust quality management systems and innovative processes ensure projects are delivered safely, on-time and on-budget.

Subsea Services

Caldive provide responsive subsea services throughout every stage of your project – from initial survey and seabed site  preparation, survey and inspection through to HD marine and vessel support. Our vessels and specialist equipment ensure we can handle all aspects of the project, safely in the most demanding environments.

Experienced Professionals

Our accredited team of experienced professionals have worked alongside our clients – who are themselves industry leaders – for over 3 decades. We provide the services they need from the start of any project through to the end and undertake future routine
maintenance contracts.

Offshore Renewable Services

The Renewable Energy Sector is an established yet still growing area with its own unique challenges – Caldive has a proven tack record within this expanding market, worldwide. Our services include:

  • Survey
  • Seabed excavation
  • HDD marine support
  • Cable lay
  • Cable pulling
  • Installation of cable protection
  • Cable burial
  • Boulder clearance

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